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Thread: CWD Scoring?

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    CWD Scoring?

    I shot a CWD this weekend which should go silver. I was told that you can get the deer scored once it has been mounted by the taxidermist. I would have thought that the deer would have to be scored and then mounted as I could easily ask the taxidermist to pull the tusks down a bit so it would make a gold?

    Either way I'm not too worried as it's going to the taxidermist's first anyway but was just curious.

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    To score cwd the whole teeth have to be removed from the skull
    the taxidermist can mount the deer and the teeth can be put in once measured
    regards andy

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    Thanks Andy!

    I'll probably give him a ring and ask if he knows anyone locally,(I'm sure he will) and try and get it measured before he has it mounted.

    Cheers for the help!

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    No problem mate
    The taxidermist can take the teeth out no problem as long as he doesn't damage them
    When you get it scored they measure the whole length and the diameter and as its just a pair of teeth they are very easy to post to a measurer and if you need someone to cic measure it you can find them on cic site but I usually use Charles Fen
    Once the teeth are measured its quite easy for taxidermist to put them into your mount if he makes an allowance for them
    when he does don't get him to hang the teeth right out as I've seen some mounted like that and they look pathetic
    Regards andy

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    Thanks Andy,

    Im expecting a call from the taxidermist when he receives the capes so I'll ask him to take the teeth out while the mount is getting set up. I know what you mean about not putting the teeth back in fully,(doesn't look good!).

    Cheers for all the info!

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    I believe a few taxidermists will make you up a replica set of your ones teeth as well. Even with a big gold medal, you'll be amazed at how little of the tusks even shows when mounted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sws View Post
    I believe a few taxidermists will make you up a replica set of your ones teeth as well. Even with a big gold medal, you'll be amazed at how little of the tusks even shows when mounted.
    Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. Not sure what I'd do with the real ones of they weren't on the mount though? Probably just stick them in a drawer

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    Replica teeth are easy to make, or you can purchase a set from Mackenzies Taxidermy supplies in the USA. This means you can have your shoulder mount and also mount the skull with the original teeth seperate. You can also get a very nice hardwood display stand to mount the skull on.
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    What like this
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg  

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    Thats a nice way of doing it.
    Have you considered polishing the skull first?
    I've got a couple of polished ones that look really nice and its not that big a job to do.
    TO be honest on my big gold medal I decided to polish it rather then have it mounted as I dont think mounting does the canines justice

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