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Thread: Wicklow sika/hybrids

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    Wicklow sika/hybrids

    A few pictures of sika and hybrid deer in Co.Wicklow from the past season.


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    Very nice pictures Wicklow202.

    I guess you had a very good season? Lucky man.



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    Antlers of a Sika/Red hybrid which I shot at Glen MacNass, Co.Wicklow some years ago.
    Nosebone about 10.5 cm long unlike ordinary Sika which are 7/8 cm.
    Had it been a pure Sika it would have made about 237 C.I.C. points, Bronze status.


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    Great photos the second photo is exceptional.


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    Nice photos showing your area at it's best!
    Wonderful scenery and a good herd of very healthy looking deer.
    What more could any stalking man (Or lady) want from life!

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