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Thread: Fallow running in circles?

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    Fallow running in circles?

    Hi everybody i hope someone out there can help me?

    Whilst out beating on a local shoot yesterday we disturbed several fallow does at different places, two got up and run in circles. Small circles to begin with then running in bigger circles around me whilst crashing into trees and generally looked disorientated. Eventually they ran away but they seemed to show no fear of our presence or they couldn't see us? Never seen anything like it before? Can anybody shed any light on this?

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    Drunk? Any apple trees in the vicinity?


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    Any rye or millet sown in cover crops nearby? Theres a mold which can grow on the plants which can cause hallucinations from its toxic effects on the brain-but I would still vote for apples causing the deer to be drunk. They can eat a belly full of wind fallen apples and still have a few hours for the effect to peak due to additional fermentation in the stomach. Now a deer spooked by an early morning dog walker (or fireworks displays given the time of year) could have travelled a fair distance so the apple trees don't have to be nearby.

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    There is some millet sown in the cover crops near by. There are a couple of apple trees up the road and an orchard at the other end of the estate but i would think thats to near people and disturbance?

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    You would be surprised,
    I have one piece of ground where the owners have been playing tennis, there is a small orchard next to it, and the deer have been eating the apples at the same time.
    I have found where food and deer are concerned people don't come into it .

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    Think that the orchard is the most likely cause-have to remember the fact that the deer will be feeding before most people raise their heads from the pillow so proximity to houses etc. not an issue.

    Have seen the same problem once when I was quite young with neighbours suckler cows. My dad took me down to see the spectacle of it. They were all trying to lunge forward to get up as cows do, but not having the coordination and so just kept making half hearted attemps and stumbling about.

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    Acorns have the same effect!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wikedwickedmotox View Post
    Acorns have the same effect!
    They must be very potent acorns very few around this year

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