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Thread: Freak heads

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    Freak heads

    I love abnormal heads in Roe deer.

    Here's a freak 9 point head we shot this month that will make a bronze medal.

    I much prefer a head like this than a big medal to put on the wall.


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    Great pictures Mark and some fine heads, thanks for sharing them.


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    a nice trophy ! i to share the same passion for abnomal heads . i wil post some pics once ive figured out how this photo bucket works ! lol



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    Any head at all works for me at the moment

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    Great pictures, thanks for sharing them with us.

    What part of the country are you based?


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    Thanks guys.

    I'm based in sunny Fife, Scotland, Roe Deer heaven!!!


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    My wishes were granted and thought you might like a look at him;

    No intention to hijack.

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    all good things come to us that wait ! 8)
    wello done nice looking buck , he will look a fine trophy on the wall !


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    Here is one I made earlier!.

    I have a few more odd uns, Most of my heads feed the dogs!

    Sorry about the size of the photos!

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    The variety of abnormal Roe heads never ceases to amaze me .


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