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Thread: Swarovski or Leica binoculars??

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    Swarovski or Leica binoculars??

    Hi all

    after receiving some criticism on the bino's I use, and struggling with low light conditions I'm Torn between the following 2 to replace them with:

    swarovski el 8.5x42 swarovision


    leica ultravid hd 8x42

    or an others that you may recommend?

    there both around the 1500 mark, so before I hang my self just thought I'd get some opinions...!

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    Try looking through both side by side and see what works best for your eyes.

    I'm a Swaro fan - but they also suit my eyes. Both are quality glass.
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    +1 for the Swarovski's . You also get the excellent customer services thrown into the deal.

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    never had to test the customer service but I owned the Leica 8x42's

    They fit my hands better than the SL's and coincidentally the guy who sold them to me was replacing them with SL's because the exact same reason.

    you need to see which fit you.

    I prefer the locking notched eye peice of the Leica's
    cant comment if the SL's have this but the SLC's I used recently had an annoying habit of winding back in under any pressure

    I am sure the glass in both is beyond what mortal man requires to spot deer

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    TRY R Macleod & son tain ex demo or used .

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    I bought a pair of the Swaro 8.5x42s a couple of weeks ago (EL Range version) after a lot of trying and deliberation. The Swarovski's suited me better than anything else I tried and are brighter than anything else I looked through in low light conditions.

    They're not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for with Swarovski.

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    Ive just brought a pair of zeiss 10x45 range finder binnos and must say i like them alot, i looked at swarovski and leica and for me the zeiss come out on top.


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    Northern optics are selling kahles 8x42 for 695. I havent seen or used these but if the bino's are as good as the scopes they could be a good buy? Anybody got any info on these?

    EDIT just seen that uttings are doing them for 650, both places have same blurb about exclusive line....whatever that is
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    Agree you need to try them out before you buy. In this bracket why don't you consider geovids and get a brilliant range finder as well?


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    Have 8 x 56 Geovids from new and superb product but to replace rubber objective lens caps after my dealer spent 6 fruitless months trying to get replacements, my letter direct to the MD of Leica UK brought a feverishly fast apologetic response! Just hope his After Sales Service Dept. does buck up its ideas.

    Svarovski scope after sales service as per others' opinions is second to none. Cheers, K

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