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Thread: S&b 2.5-10x56

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    S&b 2.5-10x56

    Having a scope clear out and I have 2 of these for sale.
    Both 30mm tube.
    1st one is mint and price is 675
    2nd is slightly tatty. Older model with signs of wear to the finish etc but no crimping or serious damage at all. 525

    Believe both are A7 ret. but will confirm later.
    Pics to be added later but please pm with an email address if you would like any in the meantime.


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    Hi could i have some pics of them thanks

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    Can you post some pics? Interested in the 1st scope

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    Sorry, only just noticed the replies on this thread. 1st scope sold. Second one still available.
    If anyone needs pics please send me an email address.


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