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Thread: Hi from Dorset

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    Hi from Dorset

    It would seem I missed this the first time round so here it goes, started my shooting time off in Texas shooting a .270 ruger. Moved on to bow hunting and black powder before finally starting up hunting across here in Dorset where I now live.

    If I'm stalking I generally use my steyr mannlicher pro mountain with moderator and Leupold scope, the area I am in has a high concentration of sika deer.

    Also shoot my .22LR on a couple of golf courses when rabbiting and will shoot the odd fox with my .223 remi VTR.

    I am also in a shooting syndicate for goose shooting in the vicinity of Poole harbour where the pigeon shooting is fantastic as well. I have two beretta shotguns which I use for game and clay but favour my silver pigeon.

    as it currently stands I hope to be taken on with DDM in the near future.

    finally got round to completing my DSC 1 and hope to build on it.

    hope to get to meet some good people with genuine stalking interests

    happy shooting!!
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    Hi SIka14.

    24doublebubble kfs and mug of the 83rd army mess tin repair unit.

    welcome aboard

    enjoy and stag on with the rest of us ex servicemen and current employees of HM the Q.

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    Welcome to the site. Are you a serving member of HMF or a civil servant. The only reason I am asking is the comment about DDM.



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    Hopefully catch up at one of the local SD meets for a pint..

    Some great wildfowling around Poole.. Miss my canoe.


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Thanks all, I am currently serving and live in the purbecks

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