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Thread: Oh no, I've gone and done it!

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    Oh no, I've gone and done it!

    Yesterday I went out and purchased a Blaser R8 professional in 30.06.

    Massive decision that took about a month to come to, and countless arguments with the boss.

    Now just got to wait until the police get themselves in order.

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    Have one in .308 very accurate rifle.
    you won't be disappointed .
    what are you putting on the top ?

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    Hi LW_N,
    I think you have made a great choice! I recently bought the same rifle in 30-06 and .243, I have only been practicing punching paper up until now. I have had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at christening it properly but it is certainly no trouble to carry.


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    We have a local ex Navy officer here that has the earlier I think it's Model 93 Blaser in an 06 . He's trying to do me outta my Remington Model 7 stainless synthetic in 260 REM with a Swarovski 3-9x36 . He's quibbling over a few dollars . But before he knew I might sell the 260 he was thinking of getting a Blaser R8 in 308 I believe for something in the 3 grand neighborhood . So my 1.2 grand price should be a steal !

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    Grant, going to pop my 8x56 S&B on top for now until I can afford something swanky.

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    That scope sounds good as it is? Ive got a 1.5-6 x 42 on my 30-06


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    Sounds just the job LWN

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    Don't hold your breath about getting the variation done fast by Norfolk and Suffolk Police firearms dept, because they are snowed under and say they have a massive backlog of variations. Last year they did one in a week. Not any more. I have a Blaser sitting waiting for me at an RFD, and they have been dealing with this since mid sept. It is now "nearing the top of the pile." Very frustrating when one is itching to get cracking with it and opportunities are escaping. Best of luck,

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    Even for simple one for ones? That is a disgrace, better get mine in before any christmas rush!

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    Recentley bought a 30.06 R8 pro sucsess and i'm sure you aint going to be disapointed,it's so damn accurate i can't believe it ,i've always wanted a cf that shot as well as my anschutz .17hmr and this one does,over the moon with it, can't wait till my 7mm rem mag barrel i've got on order for it turns up.

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