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Thread: Cracking Norfolk Roe Buck

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    Cracking Norfolk Roe Buck

    Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to take on a new piece of ground in the far north of the county, in fact it is that far North that the next stop is Scandinavia.

    The ground is a complete revelation and not like normal Norfolk stalking, hard work and effort by the bucket load has had to be put in to get any reward out of the place, but to date I have had some superb stalks there.

    My story starts very early on a Saturday morning in July, the Roe rut had not really taken off, nothing coming to the call, but plenty knocking about so thought that we would get at least one for the cull plan, so with my best mate Bertie in tow we headed out for a trot.

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    After heading across to one end of the ground that holds a lot Roe, having shot and seen plenty in this little corner over the previous couple of months, after sitting up for ten mins a young roe buck stepped out into the field walking with a real limp and looking in quite poor shape, after a quick look through the bino's he was missing one antler and had a quite a cut down his side. He stopped for a quick leak and my mind was made up that he had just made the list, up came the rifle dropped the cross hairs on him and loosed a 30.06 down he went. Quick suspended gralloch and a cuppa, letting Bertie have some of the liver.

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    We then decided to take a circuitous route round the rest of the patch to see what else was about, as muntjac are on the menu all day every day, from one end to the other it's about 4 miles so its a bit of a wander, aiming to get to a meadow that I had seen some Roe in the previous weekend with the aim of giving the call a chance. After sitting up on the edge of the meadow for an hour giving the call a real hammering with no sight or sign of any Roe. With it getting a little late in the day me and boy were heading back to the truck to pick up the Roe and get some well deserved breakfast, having to walk back through the last piece of woodland I saw some movement off to my left, this was no more than 50 yes from where we had been sitting up, got the rifle straight up onto sticks just in case and there peeping at me from behind a tree was a nice roe buck but no shot, we watched each other for a couple of mins, with him eventually turning away, as soon as he had turned I shuffled two paces to the right so I could get a clear picture the other side of the tree, as soon as he had cleared the tree he presented a beautiful broadside and another 30.06 went home, now he was not part of the cull plan and was a pure indulgence on my part. After the shot went home he did take off and managed to get over a fence and make it 50 metres into some thick brush, Bertie took to the trail and led straight to my buck.
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    Only when I had dragged him back and taken a good look at him when I realised how much of a lucky boy I had been, got him back to my good buddies where he quickly caped him out as by his words, I'm not taking no for an answer your getting him mounted as he is a once in a lifetime buck especially for Norfolk, this was confirmed this week when he was measured at 106.88 cic points making a nice Bronze, or as we say in Norfolk, "Bronze thats Norfolk Gold!"
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    Nice buck, and a good read

    Thanks, Alberta Boy

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    Bucks are like women they`re all nice, it`s just that some are nicer than others well done

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    Nice story and good to hear of a proper breed of deer dog been used... Viva la brador! Nice buck too.

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    Thanks guys, cracking day out. @Ali, he is getting there still has a few too many moments, but I spose that's what you get if you try an retrain a bird dog for deer just a completely different discipline for him, but he does get it, just not all at once!

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    Congrats !

    While Sika are my passion I have wanted a nice Roe for about 20 years .

    Only Roe I have is a set of antlers I bought at public auction and written on the back in pencil it says they were taken in 1956 .

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