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Thread: stalking with Muntjacstalker

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    stalking with Muntjacstalker

    Had a great weekend stalking CWD and Muntjac with muntjacstalker off this site.

    Myself and the old man arrived in Luton on Thursday afternoon and Jason very kindly picked us up at the airport. He took us on the scenic route back to the B&B and I managed to spot a few Muntjac and Chinese on the way,(I had never seen one before) which was great!

    On the first morning I was off with Jason to see if we could get a decent CWD. We parked up at some ground which had a lot of willows on it and the rides around the edges were still quite high with thistles and nettles,(made spotting things difficult!). As we went around the periphery, we managed to spook one deer which we heard barking as it ran off. Jason cut through a hedgerow and about 80 yards away on the other side was a CWD. As It was heading into the hedge, we doubled back, set up the sticks and waited. The deer must have laid up in the hedge as we never saw it after that!
    We stalked round the edges of the willows and bumped about half a dozen deer,(most laid up in the cover). It was getting to that stage where you start to think that it just isn't going to be your morning when Jason spotted a CWD crossing the ride. It was heading through a hedge so we did the same and got the sticks set up on the other side. I thought it was going to carry on straight into the cover but it started to walk away from us and up the edge of the ride. We closed the gap and tried to make out what size of a beast it was,(I thought tusks would be easy to spot!). We were unsure of the size of the buck but it was probably the best chance of the morning. The buck eventually went broadside and I put a shot into it's shoulder which dropped it on the spot. When we went to see it, the buck turned out to be a nice medal beast,(should go silver) which was a great start to the trip.

    The 'old man' was out with Mike at the same time. They saw around 20 muntjac and stumbled on a buck at last knockings. My Dad managed to get a shot off just before the deer turned into some cover and it dropped on the spot!

    In the evening I headed out for with Mike for a Muntjac. We were stalking through a wood and the deer were everywhere! All the Muntjac were totally distracted as they were feeding on sweet chestnuts on the floor. The highlight of the stalk was right at the start when we managed to stalk to within 15 yards of a doe. We watched it feeding for a bit before shouting at it,(twice!) to get it to move on. As the evening progressed I shot a small buck at about 25 yards,(again at the chestnuts) which was my first ever!

    My Dad was out in the evening with Jason and managed a CWD doe,(wasn't too fussed for shooting a buck but wanted to try something different). They managed to get a shot off at around 100 yards which went through the doe's engine room. She only made it 20 yards but it still gets the nerves going!

    SO Friday was a big success and we could have happily gone home after the evening stalk.

    We decided saturday morning to look for a bigger muntjac buck as we already taken two nice reps which we could take home. I passed up chances at several does but no big deer showed,(we saw a few small ones though).

    I was the only one stalking in the evening and my Dad tagged along to watch. We spooked a few Muntjac going through a wood at the start of the stalk,(typically the ones that stood long enough were does). We were going along a hedge-line when we spotted a muntjac buck and had the sticks up. He was much the same as the two we already had so we left him alone. For some reason the forest was quite quiet in the evening. Another Muntjac buck presented itself but as we were weighing up a shot, he winded us. I ended up shooting a doe on last knockings which was a nice way to end a trip!

    Overall I had a great time down with Mike and Jason. They were both very helpful and there was plenty deer about,( we could easily have had 8 deer for 8 stalks between us!). I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to stalk either CWD or munty's!

    We decided to sent the CWD and my Dad's muntjac to the taxidermist for a shoulder mount so
    that'll give us something to remember the trip by,(my dad forgot the camera charger hence the lack of pics ).
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    Looks like you had a great weekend. I have stalked with them on several occasions and rate them highly. FM.

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