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Thread: Weekend with GAP180

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    Weekend with GAP180

    Thought I typed a few words regards the weekend with the boys from GAP180.
    I arrived Friday morning as I wanted to set up my new scope a Z6i 2-12x50 to my Mauser M03.
    Paul took me out and put it and me through our paces! Had a brief moment of worry when the torx key tip snapped in the front scope mount!!
    But that soon got sorted.
    Guys from last years Fallow cull soon arrived including Ollie and Paul the Kiwi, it was great to see you again.
    Had to sit with one of the guys due to an inclusion on my ticket, "accompanied during deer stalking" ( a great line that, I rang licensing and asked them could that mean a dog? Seeing as it doesn't specify a human!! They replied, "Oh yes, I see what you mean"??)

    Friday evening;
    I got a young Muntjac Buck in the company of Andy. We were sat in a seat situated in a small opening in the wood, with a boggy area in the middle. Didn't see anything till last light, when Andy pointed out a Muntjac doe about 40 yrds in front, I had written it of as another hare, having seen a number in the past 2 hours. Had to dial down the scope right down to make the shot but it was a good shoot. Took her "back" to gralloch to find that "she" was a "he" just very young!

    Saturday morning;
    Didn't start well. Had explosive bowels from 0345hrs. Spent 1 hour glued to the throne (cue Kevin Bloody Wilson - Ten days in Bali!)
    I was out with Trev, who was also suffering, so we were a right pair both of us coughing and spluttering and afraid to fart!) the wildlife took my mind off my ailments, especially when a barn owl flew along the field. Saw a group of Fallow about 290yrds off to our right but they moved off before we got a chance of a shot. A fox made an appearance in front and Trev said you might as well, so I dialled up and shot him clean in the chest, 180yrds.

    Saturday evening;
    Out with the main man Paul,
    I had listened to both Andy and Trev intently, when given advice over the two previous stalks, and this one was to be no exception. Having only shot using an estate rifle previously using my own rifle was a big step up. As before no deer emerged until last light when Paul whispered that a Fallow buck was moving into the field from the wood 300 yards distant. We were situated in a hollow with a pond behind us so the ground rose in front. Paul told me to get ready but wait until I could see ground behind the buck in the scope and he was further into the field. I was asked if I felt confident to take a shot at this distance, it being over 150yards. Having shot the fox at 180 I felt happy that it would be a clean shot. Paul said wait as the buck was slowly grazing his way towards us. Eventually I received the signal from Paul and I squeezed the trigger. The buck jerked up and then ran forwards a short distance before dropping to the ground. He carried on twitching, and Paul got me to move to one side in case a followup shot was needed. Afterwards Paul said that he only got me to take the shot as he heard voices behind us and he thought it would spook the buck. Although the buck jerked upwards, it was clean chest shot although the bullet had majorly fragmented.
    On the drive back Paul congratulated me on a patient kill, according to him I had the deer in my scope for over 20 minutes (seemed like 2!)

    As always Alan had provided the food back at the lodge, putting on loads (and I do mean loads) of great tasting hot food.
    Unfortunately due to my uncomfortable state of being I only ate friday night! Just drinking lots of tea and sleeping in between shoots. I didn't go out for the last shot on Sunday morning, just as well as it threw it down. The rest of the guys present were a smashing lot and it was a shame that I wasn't awake enough of the time to listen to their previous stalking experiences.

    The Fallow, butchered, turned up at 88lbs, which was greatly appreciated my the wife, seeing as she went down with the same bug as me.

    I cannot congratulate Paul, Andy, Trev, Alan, Chris and the boys enough.
    Despite being sick as a dog, I had an amazing weekend, and christened my new rifle as well.
    Shooting my first Munty, Fox, and Fallow was a fabulous bonus.

    I am now going back to bed!!
    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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    nice write up mate i was there a few weeks ago its worth going just for allans food and the company regards tony

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    i sort a party out every year for feb with the gap180 boys great package and good team of lads roll on feb

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    Nice read fella! You certainly get well looked after by the hole team at gap180,roll on feb.

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    Yep, i can only agree with twas a great weekend and it was great meeting you even though at one point you were bordering death. Hope the out of date lemsip helped!!

    It is a great facility offered by Paul and the gang and I have thoroughly enjoyed every visit. Have always been made to feel welcome and cirtainly well fed.

    For me it was a story of 2 tales, lost one on my first outing then gained a lovely young follow on my second trip. Happy as larry and all stocked for Christmas!
    Sauer 202 in 243 and 308/Ruger 22-10/Sako Trg-22 and lots of 12g

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    Was nice to have met you briefly at the wkdn herbi1969. I only attended for a couple of outings and was dropped off by you and Paul on the sat night. i didnt manage to get myself a deer but had my first Fox! Kept his tail and got my photos. I could have had another fox but was enjoying his hunting antics too much to end it. he got himself a rabbit and provided me with some entertainment whilst waiting for some fallow which I could hear int eh woods behind me, but unfortunately did not come into view. Perhaps next time...
    The club house has a great feel to it. very warm and not much wall space left with all the heads etc. Very European feel to it.
    ps.. your bang on about the food. I would go for xmas dinner happily. In fact what a great idea!! xmas gap18- shoot and xmas dinner!! not a bad idea.

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    Hey Herb,

    Great post, hope you're feeling better. Remind me not to bunk in with you next time. I've renamed you we're never quite sure when you're next going to erupt next! How is it possible to get that much gas outta one wee man?

    As always, Paul and Alan run a great weekend stalking fallow in Hertfordshire, except for the crap food, crap accommodation and crap company

    As you can see from the pics some of the boys did more than their fair share of murdering Chris and Adam from Newcastle you are most definitely not welcome back. Seven deer each is a bit excessive, doncha think?


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    cant believe how fat i am :-(

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