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Thread: Small leather hip flask

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    Small leather hip flask

    For sale a small leather wrapped , glass hip flask. It's a curious little flask with a silver metal shot cup that slides tightly over the bottom of the flask , making it quite unbreakable . It has a fine little screw on top . In very nice unstained condition . Only been used for Sussex buck ( ginger and cinnamon whiskey ) I guess it holds about 150 ml . The glass is blown so that it fits the shape of your hip pocket . Well made and a one off . I don't use it so it needs a new , more thirsty owner ! Make me an offer or swap ?

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    any maker marks?
    Is the metal stainless steel, EPNS, silver??

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    I don't know what epns is , I think it's silver , it polishes up very well . No maker marks I think it was made by hand as there are bubbles in the glass .

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    Thought I had a deal but nothing came of it . 15 posted

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    Hi ACM,

    I will have that, thanks.
    Please PM me with your contact details so that I can send a cheque your way.


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