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Thread: manners stocks

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    manners stocks

    as above anyone got one and what you think of them . am thinking of geting a t4a for my gun

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    Looked at them, but got a bell and carlson as they seemed much better value.


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    the problem is that i was a tactical type stock but there dont seem to be much out there for my rifle (howa 1500 223)

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    Whereabouts you from in Ireland?
    Is that a heavy barrel Howa?

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    am in county antrim . think its a sporter barrel

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    Have a look on midwayuk, they have a lot of stocks for howas.

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    thanx young gun but i dont like any they have

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    Paddy, in most cases a sporter barrel looks a bit out of place in a tactical stock. A stock with a slightly
    narrower forend might suit better. Pity you are at the opposite end of Ireland....


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    i will be changing the barrel at a latter date. i don't get a good check weld on the stock it has so need a adjustable cheek piece the joys off putting a big scope on it. am not to bothered how it looks just how it works.what part of ireland you in?

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    Hi Paddy,

    If its just the cheek piece thats too low, somebody posted a good 'how to' on the forum recently (but I can't for the life of me find it!!) on moulding a custom cheek piece from modelling clay and fitting this to the stock. Sorry I cant find the post but maybe someone else reading this post can recall where it was listed.

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