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Thread: looking for a days stalk close to lochend scotland

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    looking for a days stalk close to lochend scotland

    Hi guys im going away in june for a weeks holiday to the Lochend chalets with my other half. As i do all my stalking around the lake district i thought it wood be a great oppertunity to try stalking in scotland. Does any body know of any one in & around close by the lochend area that i could go stalking with thanks for your time & help is grate full.

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    I can think of a dozen Lochends off the top of my head. You'll need to pin it down a bit more!


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    sorry chaps its Port of Menteith stirling

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    I'll PM you with a phone no of a guy who is right on your doorstep.

    If you fish take your rod - Lake of Menteith is one of Scotlands top rainbow waters.

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