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    leopold scopes

    hi iam trying to sell a leopold vx1 scope to a mate of mine ,but he is having problems with the eye relief on it ,he wears glasses and can only get a picture when he is 4 inchs back from it which makes shooting impossible for him .i have used it for a couple of years and had no problem at all ,any ideas please there is a deal resting on this !

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    Have heard elsewhere that loopies can be particular about head position. Unfortunately it may just be that the scope doesnt suit your friend. How good a friend is he and will he be p****d off if you sell him a duff scope??
    Might be better to ebay it to someone you dont know!!

    Ive just checked the leupold site and the eye relief for a 3-9x40 is indeed between 3.7 and 4.2 inches.

    Sell to someone else my friend!!

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    Leupolds and American scopes have longer eye relief than most Europen Scopes as most Europeans tend to shoot with a more head up style with chin resting on Stock - hogs back style stock etc, whereas the americans tend to be taught to have stock firmly scrunched into the cheek with head canted forward, thus needing longer eye relief.

    Look in any American shooting magazine - their scopes tend to be mounted further forward than compared to European rifles.

    Nothing wrong with either - its what you are used to.

    In terms of selling scope to your friend - he probably needs the scope mounting further forward than you.

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    Hi what scope spec/condition and price is it i may be interested if your still selling?

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    Hi there ,i have been offered 100 by gun shop ,it is a leopold vx1 duplex reticule 3 x9 x 40 ,its in good nick it has been used but still in fine working order ,
    cheers tom

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    PM Sent........(My computer had a fit think it sent it more than once)

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    lordy i havnt recieved a pm yet do you want to try again cheers

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    Hi Tom have sent another PM let us know if you get it if not PM me your e-mail and may be easier through that.

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