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Thread: Another succesfull weekend on the boar

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    Another succesfull weekend on the boar

    It might be getting a bit “boaring” (sorry for the bad joke, but could not help it) but I had another successful weekend. In another thread I mentioned a good weekend the syndicate had without me when they had 7 wild boar in two days. I include the picture of that result as well.
    Because I do not like going to the permission on my own (I could break a leg falling down from the high seat or might need help with carrying what I shot) I took a friend of my fellow syndicate member Jan along. He never shot a wild boar so I tried my best to get him one. The moonphase was still in our favour although the clouds made it less clear as usual. I put him at a high seat where the wild boar tend to cross a lot. He saw some boar that evening but they got wind of him and disappeared quickly. Not helpful was the use of his binos 10x 20 which gave him no visibility at all. His scope was a bit better but not a quality scope. That matters a lot when shooting under the moon as we can not use artificial light or night vision.

    I myself sat at a high seat we renovated last summer and I think I am the first one to sit on it since then. Quite early I saw some roe deer who nibbled a bit from the maize at the feeding station. The moon was not brilliant but sufficient to see. Around 20.30 I heard movement in the dense cover and a few seconds later a boar stepped out. It was a bit nervous and was not sure what to do. I took a look at it and concluded it was a male uberlaufer. Because it was not at ease I thought I better take the shot and after it it went into cover but I could hear it struggling and breaking of the branches. I was confident it was lying dead in cover. Because it still was early I waited for another 30 minutes to go down and look at the boar. It was a good size male uberlaufer with small tusks, although at one side part of the tusk was snapped off. It turned out to be around 22 months old and weighed 61 kilo’s gutted.

    The following day we did a lot of pruning because Bert (Jan’s friend) is sort of a tree surgeon and he climbed into several trees for us to get branches out of the way around several high seats. The result was very nice with a lot of clear view.
    During a round on the permission I noticed that a field had been heavily hit by the wild boar. I decided that me and Bert where going to sit there together that evening / night. Partly because I had high hopes we would see boar and partly because we then could use my bino’s gun and scope as his where not up to the task.

    At dusk we parked the car on the side of the road and waited for the darkness. In the beginning we saw a lot of roe and at one stage 3 foxes where catching mice on this field. Normally I would shoot a fox but we where out for boar now. Then we saw 2 boar at the edge of the woodland opposite of us. They where about 250 meters away. We stalked towards them, taking a little detour because of the wind. With glassing the field I could see they where still there but where just over a little hill in the field. We had to get a bit closer to look over the hill and take the shot. When I glassed again, no more boar. They probably went into cover again. &^%^ I was not too happy. We walked back to the car and waited again. About half a hour later we saw a couple of boar again, one of them I thought to be a huge keiler. We took the same route, went over the little hill, and no boar. I cursed quietly again. We then had a nice roebuck standing at 20 meters in front of us. So wind was not the problem. It trotted off and we where just about to go back to the car as I saw a boar coming out in the far edge of the field. We quickly went up another 70 meters. I asked Bert to lay down and shoot from the bipod as I put my bag underneath the bipod to get a better angle. I said to take the shot in his own time and only when it was broadside. After only 20 seconds the shot went out and the boar dropped on the spot. Another good size male uberlaufer weighing 64 kilo’s gutted. The big keiler we saw probably was still in cover and this boar we shot was his apprentice. But because it would be his first boar I did not want to wait for the keiler to come out and decided to take this one when we had the opportunity.
    Off course we celebrated his first wild boar and did the necessary protocol.

    Next day Jan also turned up. I decided that evening to stay at the hunting lodge and give my equipment to Bert to try for his second at a feeding station. He heard a large group of boar in cover, unfortunately they where too suspicious to come out onto the feeding station. In the end he shot a fox. Jan shot a small uberlaufer that night on a patch of land where maize was harvested and we asked the farmer to just leave the land as it is for now. So with all the spilled maize on this land the boar still visit it regularly.

    So with 3 boar in 3 outings it was a good weekend. In about 3 weeks we have our driven hunt. Prior to that I have some British friends over and I am confident we will shoot some boar again from the same fields we where on this weekend.

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    Brilliant i'd love to one day have a go at a boar. Keep that tales coming

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    Hi Ruud
    Nice one mate looks like your having some fantastic sport this year. Speak soon mate.


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    hi Ruud great write up and plenty of boar about as well by the looks of things
    regards pete .

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