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Thread: BSA .22LR Armatic Semi-Auto

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    BSA .22LR Armatic Semi-Auto


    Has anyone got any info on a strip down of these rifles

    Any advise would be appreciated

    Many thanks Lex

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    Brithunter will be along shortly and I expect he will be bringing information with him
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    I had a few of these about fifteen years ago. Not too difficult to strip. The "key" from memory is the bolt handle that you pull out of the bolt itslef through the round hole in the receiver.

    Beware however that the springs are quite powerful. First action is to dismount the metal from the stock by unscrewing the large single screw.

    I still have a spare stock for one of these if you are interested. It is the standard varnished beechwood. But with a spare you could now even experiment with spray paints to male a green or all-black stock!

    PM me if interested in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
    Brithunter will be along shortly and I expect he will be bringing information with him
    Sorry but the BSA semi autos I have no experience of. never have acquired one. Would have liked a couple but of course gettign the open slots was always a problem and of course more so now!

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    Thanks every body for your input, it a manual really I need to get my hands on but I suppose they are like rocking horse s***t

    Cheers Lex

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    Many thanks for all the info

    Cheers Lex

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