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Thread: Evening stalk

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    Evening stalk

    Mark (Cervushunter) kindly invited me out for an evening stalk last night(Thank you very much Mark).

    We got to Marks ground about 7.15pm and it was still dry, not for long halfway across the fist field it started to rain, not heavy but raining.
    We went in the next field where Mark thought we might find a Buck, but the the Buck had decided to use some other field at the moment.

    We went back to the truck, on the way Mark went to put the Scope covers back on and one flipped out of his pocket into the knee high grass, could we find it, could we hell.

    Back at the truck I learn that my waterproof Wildfowling jacket, wasn't.
    On to the next patch, it was bucketing down and we could see bright sunshine, Mark glassed the fields and didn't see a thing, so it was on to the next patch.
    On the way we passed a piece of trust ground and not far from Marks ground(no shooting allowed) and in a 400 yd stretch we saw 4 Does and a Buck. One of the Does had a kid with her.

    The next patch we stalked up through a small wood and a couple of fields. (still raining) we did see a Buck, but it was about half a mile plus away on the top of a hill.

    What sun we could see was now set so darkness was not too far away, Mark had one more piece of ground he wanted to have a look at in the hope a finding a Buck for me.

    We got there quite quickly and stalked around a couple of fields, (it was still raining) we saw a a Buck 3 or 4 fields away going under a gate and uphill and into a wood, but by now it was getting too dark for any shooting, so we called it a night, oh and it was still raining.

    Again thanks for the invite a good evening out and about.


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    The trials and tribulations of stalking!!
    It still beats watching the box.

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    As they say...."You gotta be in it to win it".There is always another day.....I met Mark the other day when he picked up the scope I was selling,and,he seemed a very nice chap indeed,so Mark,I will see you in November mate with any luck...............'M'

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