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Thread: Lowa Mountain GTX boot

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    Lowa Mountain GTX boot

    Who has experience with these? Are they softer ( more flexible/ supple ) than Meindl boots like Dovre or Island Pro. I was decided to buy Diotto 9" boots, when I started reading about leaking. So look for an alternative, which is very comfortable without much breaking in.

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    Not sure if same as long lost box - label on mine ( slightly sweat blurred ) reads Lowa Hunter GTX Extreme.

    Very well made boot - 2 1/2 years on and no leaks or major gripes - which is making it one of the longest lived boots I've had. I'd say it is quite a stiff boot though ( whatever mine is ).

    It was very comfortable right from the start - but that's a hugely subjective thing and as much to do with your foot shape/ step pattern as anything else.

    I got these after having Diotto for a while - no problems in that short time with those - they simply suit my foot.
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    I am sitting wearing a pair as I type this! My experiences are very similar to that offered by MO.

    One of the best pairs of boots I have owned for general day to day wear. I would suggest they are more of a 3 season boot than a true 4 season (to include the winter) based simply on their height, not ability to keep your feet dry and warm. They are true to size, me being a size 9 and allows the wearing of a slightly thicker sock. I also have a pair of the new Diotto Woodland boots that I also rate highly, although I had to send back 2 pairs of the No Scratch ones to Hamish at Blackislander becasue at about a year old they started to let water in with no obvious signs as to why. I asked for a pair of Meindl Dovre in their place as I had lost a bit of confidence in them, however the new woodland model seems to be standing up well to another wet summer and abuse.

    The Lowa were comfortable from the off although did require a wee bit breaking in as the sole is stiff but offers good support when traversing slopes as a result.

    Mine are worn almost daily and the leather has not been that well looked after but shows no splits or cracks anywhere. The sole is now really needing replaced which is possible as it is a vibram but to be honest after almost 5 years use I cannot grudge buying another pair for £150.

    Summig up (and it is only based on what I put mine through) I would class personally wear the Lowa as a lowland 4 season boot and a high ground 3 season boot. The Meindl Dovre may be a bit unnecessary for summer work but that depends on how wet the ground you stalk is. I have owned probably 6 pairs of Meindl boots over the years and cannot fault any of them.

    Either way I rate the Lowa's very highly and will probably buy another pair over the next 2 months or so.

    Hope that helps.

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    Just to throw in another contender . . i'v had quite a few different boots but have recently bought a pair of Berghaus Kibo's. . They are a true 4 season boot, completely waterproof, with a very stiff but comfy vibram sole . . highly recommended so far.

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    Ive got the high ankle Lowa's (combat gtx or something) and wholly agree with everything written. Excellent, comfy, ankle supporting boots.

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    I own a pair of Chevalier Ultimate boots for about 7/8 years.
    Up to now very strong, waterproof, about 12 inch high. I realy can't fault them. These might cover the 4th season.
    I would like to get something lower, quicker to put on and off, more flexible,..... Something that allows you to feel where you put your feet. Feel an edge of a rock, more flexible on the leg, but still giving some more support than a rubber wellie. Most Meindl's are just to stiff. I thought as these mountain boots are military boots, they might have been more comfortable for daily use. That Diotto (old model) was in my mind, but on the shoot of my friend in Norfolk , 3 keepers have the high model and all 3 are leaking. So I am a bit reluctant to buy them. On the other hand, many forum members spoke highly about them in the past.

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    From the description of your 'needs' in the above post including unrestricted driving ability (which can sometimes be difficult to do with mountain type boots), I would highly recommend getting the Lowa's. After a week or two light use they will be very comfy...

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    I have a pair of the Lowa Mountain GTX boots and have nothing but positives to say on their build quality, value for money, comfort and waterproof abilities.

    I wear them driving and they required no breaking in whatsoever.

    The comfiest boots I have ever owned. 10/10



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    I have had a pair for a couple of years, great boots, flexible yet supportive, fairly light and warm in winter. Possibly not the best for high summer, mine are still totally waterproof.

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    Best Boot i have ever had. Never had cold or wet feet. Excellent support when negotiating clear fell.
    You will not be disappointed.


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