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Thread: Not quite sure if I like these guys or not?

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    Not quite sure if I like these guys or not?

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    What's to like, nob head rings a bell.


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    Maybe they can do something about Bristol's traffic.

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    It amazes me how many vids there are on youtube like that. And all of them with hundreds of comments from CoD playing kids arguing about the content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan .204 View Post
    What's to like, nob head rings a bell.

    I think you are bang on there.

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    Hi All
    Two blokes having a bit of fun with guns.Cool, and we complain about the NRA being stuck up and up their own a*ses unless you are NRA of course.A safe shot is a safe shot whether it is a printer or deer

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    For the fact they make me laugh!

    you must always remind yourself that they are taking themselves seriously! (And so do others ?)


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    I believe they proved the advantage of a bipod and zero downrange obstruction!!

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