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    7mm Rem Mag

    What are peoples thoughts on this calibre? We shoot all species throughout the UK and thinking of exchanging the .243 for a 7mm Rem Mag. I still have a 6.5x55.

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    Hi HE, I've owned and used a few 7rm's over the yrs, and it is a very versatile and powerful cartridge.For larger deer at long range, its an excellent choice.It's a popular choice here as an all-rounder for everything from deer to moose and everything in between. seen a number of one shot clean kills on all of the above, including a few of my own.

    My only concern for you , after looking at the calibers you currently use, is that the 7mm does have more recoil than either of them.I dont think that they kick to hard, especially in a properly fitted rifle, but recoil is a bit of a subjective thing. What bothers some isn't an issue for others.

    I'm not trying to put you off in any way, but it is something to keep in mind.To be honest if I were limited to one caliber,I'd happily carry one here and would be ready for anything that walks in this part of the world.Like any cartridge that pushes the 3000 fps mark, you should use a good bullet that wont come apart on the close shots or lack penetration on larger game. I've used 175 gr nosler partitions on moose and had complete penetration( through & through) For general use I'd stick with a good 160 gr bullet and leave it at that.

    All in all , if you do end up buying one, I know you wont be disappointed.

    Good hunting AB

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    I have a 7 'milly-rem' too and whilst it's not always the first rifle out of the cabinet, it's never far from my thoughts. It is fast, flat and has tremendous knock down potential. I have shot stags at 200 m which have dropped so fast, I have had to have someone confirm that I actually hit it! I have never had any real meat damage with it including a roe doe that I took the other weekend. I use H4831 and the 140 Sierra Pro Hunter. Oddly it's the only rifle I have that doesn't shoot boat tails (the Gameking). They just won't group. The flat base does, beautifully. Hey, I like Sierra bullets, what can I say. I tried Magnum primers and got so many hang fires, I had to scrap the batch and go back to std Rem 9 1\2 's. I have run 160 grainers too which were fine, but being completely honest, dead is dead. Never had anything walk from the 140 gr.

    I wouldn't really class it as an all round UK cartridge if I am completely honest, but as you have the 6.5..... Me, I'd keep the .243 maybe and chop the 6.5 for the 7mm. But that's just me. That isn't what you asked.


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    Great for all species big and small, near or far. Only downsides are that it is loud, you need to be careful of which bullets you use to avoid excessive meat damage and factory ammo can be hard to find off the shelf... But it hits really hard and is comfortable to shoot. It is now my go to calibre out of 6.5 x47, 308 and 7mm RM as I find they drop on the spot more often with chest shots. if you Pm me I can send you some pics of carcass damage on roe with a 7mm rm. if you are ever up my way let me know and you can let the big girl speak
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    if purchasing a 7mm rem mag do not purchase a light waight sporter barrel moddel it will not be to plesant to shoot the rem police model 7oo will give you hardley eney felt recoil even when loaded realy fast not much more than my 243 i use 120g noslers for fox roe deer all drop instantley very flat shooting gun do i like it hell yes wish more were using this caliber there is not another caliber out there i would change it for just dont purchase a light wait rifle like a t3 as it will kick your but the rem police will shoot under 2in at 300yards no problem the onley problem you will have is a lot of your other guns will be left in the gun cabinet enjoy its a craking caliber

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    My experience with the 7 Rmag is limited to other peoples guns. I am a huge fan of the 7mm bullet. The 7mag is very popular and has killed a ton of game, but I consider a little much for most deer hunting. I have no experience with moderators, but in my opinion there is a lot of muzzleblast if shot out of a 24" barrel or less. In my crony testing, it takes a longer barrel to get the most out of a 7mag. I don't think it offers much over the 270 or the 280 with shorter barrels. I have a 7x57(sporter weight 23.5" barrel) for most situations and a 280(heavy sporter 26"barrel) when I think the shots might be long. The game I hunt in texas is similar in size to that you hunt in the UK, although we shoot game a little father, on average , than you do. It's just my observation, but it seems to me that most, in the UK, consider any shot over 200yds long. While Most deer in Texas are shot under 200yds, most consider something 300yds to be long. All this said I sell the 280 way before I'd sell the 7x57. While I've never hunted the UK (hopefully I'll be able to next year.) I've been studying this for a while, if I were buying a gun to hunt the UK it would be a 7-08. sorry I got to verbose, capt david

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    HE, i shoot a sako 75 sporter in 7 mm mag. Beautiful to shoot, great on deer sized game. they are a full sized rifled, longer barrel if un modded and mine weights about 9 lbs scoped. i would not touch a heavy barrel job for stalking uses. Very much a .270 on steroids.

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