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Thread: Nickel spotting scopes question??

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    Nickel spotting scopes question??

    As you might have noticed I'm a big fan of Nickel telescopic sights and think that they are probably the best in optical quality.

    However, recently I've been thinking about a straight draw telescope to use for some long range spotting and I notice that Nickel 15 - 60 telescopes occasionally come up for sale on this forum for reasonable money and so thought to ask if they are actually any good? Assuming a decent rest can you see anything at all out of them or are you just as well off with a decent set of binos? Also what is the actual usable magnification out of them? I'd guess at 60X the image must be pretty dark in all but the best light.

    The majority of my stalking is in forestry and so I'm not really intending to use the scope for stalking as such but I have a few areas where you can sit and watch the edge of the trees to maybe 1500 yards or more and I thought it might be fun on a quiet afternoon to lie up and see if there are any deer moving and binos just don't have the magnification to see deer over this sort of distance. Given this I can't justify more than the sort of money Nickel scopes make but I don't want to attempt to buy the next one to appear in the classifieds only to find that in the real world the image is so bad that my binos would do a better job.
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    The only way for you to really know is try one. Sadly you not near me or you could borrow mine for a while.

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    I have the spotter in question now spare as zeiss sent me the fied spotter, you coud make me an offer if you like.
    regards john

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    The only way for you to really know is try one. Sadly you not near me or you could borrow mine for a while.
    Thank you BH, out of interest what do you think of the one you have? could you use it for lying up and watching the edge of forestry, for example, to see if anything is moving or are the optics such that all it is good enough for is a quick look to see what the head is like on a deer spotted in the binos? I'm interested in the practical experiences people have with them as my experience is that if everyone is saying it isn't worth the effort then, usually, it isn't no matter how good an idea it might seem to me right now.
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    I have the Nickel Supra 15-60x draw tube telescope, if that is the one you are considering. It only has a 60mm objective, so there are limitations as the light fails. Within those limitations, the optics are good enough. I tend to use mine on the lowest 15x setting, but it needs a good rest as the field of view is quite small. Mine has tripod bushings for both sizes of screw fitting within the main casting, so fitting it onto a unipod or tripod is no problem. Mine is finished in good quality enamelling, in black, and has a neat leather tube and strap for carrying it.

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    Well I have used my Nickel scope for evaluating heads and antlers but not for some years now. My lasts serious use of it for this was back in 2003 when i found it very useful on my Whitetail hunting trip. Since then i ahve used it for wildlife watching in general and range use on occasions.

    I acquired it from a Stalking chap in Scotland funnily enough so it's seen use on the hill. However as I said the only way for you to know if you like them or feel they are up to what your wanting is to try one in the field.

    Mine has speckling on the lens so really needs a service and re-furb. Something I have in mind but it's on the back burner for now.

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    Thank you BH, that is useful info. I've been in touch with John regarding his post and might acquire one on the basis that they seem to be fairly static in price terms so it should be possible to sell it again at not much of a loss if I don't get on with it.
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    I'm going to sell my zeiss field spotter if you interested?

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    Thanks for the offer sws but I don't think I want to spend that sort of money on something that is only for casual use and also the Zeiss, although I've no doubts that its optics are likely to be a lot better than the traditional Greys or Nickel spotting scopes, is rather short and so would not be easily rested in the field.
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    To be honest the reason I will sell it is that I dont rate the optics in it at all. I want it for sexing my CWD with, and at 100m I cant. Granted I'm looking for canines at a decent distance, but am highly dissapointed in it!

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