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Thread: rocking horse poo [ tikka m595 laminated stock]

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    rocking horse poo [ tikka m595 laminated stock]

    hi guys i m looking for a laminated stock for a tikka m595. rocking horse poo would be easier to get so far in my search

    if anyone has one spare and for sale. or would be willing to sell me there one. i can offer a good amount of cash
    and a tikka m595 plastic stock which is in superb condition.

    or just cash. depends on what you want.

    so please let me know. atb jay

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    still looking guys. top money paid if you have one

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    i know where you can egt one made for reasonable money
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    Still looking. Would be willing to swap for a wooden m595 stock also. As long as as its not the deluxe as im lefthanded. So needs to be standard sporter style

    Must be in good nick to

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    Dont you like the synthetic Jay?

    How is that .243??
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    Hi bk the stock is in really good nick like the rest of the rifle. I prefer the laminated or wood stocks for them though out of all the standard offerings tikka put on there rifles.

    I got a mcmillan on my other m595. But can't aford to splash cash on one of those at moment. Intill I sell my rpa. But even then I dont think I would buy one because the prices are silly now

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    have you considered buying a richards microfit and finishing it yourself. otherwise you could microfit the action and send it to me to finish if you'd like.

    alternatively you could have a duplicate made in laminate from a duplicator (pm me and I could direct you in the right direction/chat about it).

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    Have a look at these:

    I have this one on a Tikka 695 in 6.5 x 55, they are excellent quality and are available in LH format. I am very pleased with mine, they are comfortable and handle well. Their UK distributor is Jackson Rifles, try their website as they may have one in stock. Delivery was about 4 weeks and cost was about 500

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