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Thread: head torch or hand torch

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    head torch or hand torch

    what do you take out on these dark morning /nights .
    can anybody recommend a good head torch or hand torch

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    Led lenser or energiser hard case head torch. or good old Aldi cap with leds in the peek.

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    Has to be a 'LED Lenser' headtorch mate!
    Dimmable and with focus for wide or narrow beam, very bright and long range but still small and fits in a nice little supplied belt pouch.
    I've had loads, but none as good as this one.

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    I use the Petzl headlamp Tikka XP and my torch of choice is Tiablo A10 g2

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    The Clu-Liter from Clu-brite is excellent as a hand-held torch, not too heavy, and good for lamping foxes and rabbits as well.

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    The head torch is handy for when you are doing a gralloch or similar and need both hands free so I always carry a little LED one in a pocket as it is very small and light. I carry a decent LED torch on my belt. Again this is relatively small and light but it will throw a beam to nearly 200 yards and gives decent light out to maybe nearly 100 yards so it is handy for searching for dead deer at last light and you can easily adjust the angle and direct it around a tree and so on which are things that aren't so easy with a head torch.
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    Always as head torch for stalking. Leaves both hands free.

    However, Tesco do an unbelievably good aluminium body Cree torch for 9.99 It makes a mockery of some for sale at 40-50. Runs on 2 AA batteries and I always have it in the car for a spare.

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    I have led lenser .... But!!!!!....
    guys on a sea angling forum put me onto these Cree led head torches from honk kong on evil bay
    i bought 2 .... One is a 300 lumen to usable flood or spot for 8 delivered !!!!! & it's a cracker uses aaa batteries and if I loose it well bugger it's only a few quid ..... I now use it & keep lenser as a back up

    the other I bought is a 1600 lumens cree fixed spot rechargeable for 18.99 delivered !!!!!!
    its bright as hell and throws a really long beam these torches don't break the bank and are fantastic & if break then no biggie


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    Led dual Lenser for me. I use it from Sea trout, ducks to stalking. It weigh's nowt and packs away very small. Best head torch Ive owned.


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    Petzl all the way. They are the best for battery life and power. and the original leaders in LED head lamps.

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