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Thread: Hows everyones buck season going?

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    Hows everyones buck season going?

    Just wondering how your season is going ? I have had 10 bucks to date , so not a bad start although its quietening down now a bit .

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    1 buck so far. Struggling to find bucks at the moment on my main permission, a hill sheep farm bordering woodland blocks, but on the upside its hoaching with red hinds!


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    Im hoping my season will be improving tonight as im out with sako85 on his permission.

    Fingers crossed

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    Hows everyones buck season going

    Two in the bag for me. One unusual head. Photographed on phone which Moreno looked at last week (possible injury).
    Looked around last evening but saw nothing. There are three more that could go, however, once the beans get a bit higher they are harder to get to.
    Never mind, it's always good to go out.

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    Still none for me. Have only got out a few times and have seen a few bucks but none ideal, nor in a good safe position.

    It has also been very cold / rainy

    Also have been busy at work in London etc, so haven't got out as often as I would want, or like last night I could have taken a beast, but knowing that I neede to be flat out today chose not to take it as didn't really have the time to butcher it.

    Better luck this evening.

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    Had 12 off my ground so far this year but only done 14 stalks so it's a very good average by any standard, lets hope it stays like that!

    Got a bit of stalking lined up shortly to target some big medal bucks so we'll be passing up on chances till the right buck turns up and no doubt get a few blanks on the way.


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    1 buck so far on one perm (around Aylesbury) and l've had another evade me for 3 stalks at my other perm - he's an old-un and really wiley! (nr Buckingham).

    2 Munty Bucks though since 1st April! -


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    7 for me , things are coming along nicely , going to give it a rest on my personal permission for now and do some watching untill the rut ,nothing like watching a buck coming to the call !!! .
    on the management estate 's plenty to go at !!!



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    Its been hard going so far only had 5, the plan was to get the bulk of the cull done before mid june and finish of with 4 in the rut, anyway out in the morning so with a bit of luck we will add a couple more to the cull.

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    Roe Bucks since 1 april

    six stalks saw two young bucks shot two , thats two trips to s/west Ayr shire, cant wait till my next trip ATB ye old stalker

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