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Thread: knobloch BI POD shooting sticks

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    knobloch BI POD shooting sticks

    The Original Knobloch Bipod SpeedLock Shooting Stick -produced byLEKI®, the world's Manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Nordic Walking poles.

    Great advantage is the lateral stability, which provides you a safe shot at long distances! In the pre shoot situation, you have to lean the Bipod in a slanting position in front of you, in order to form a stable triangle position with the Shooting Stick.

    The bipod has a weight of only 630 gramme and a length from 85 to 187 cm (telescopic). Transport lenght 69 cm.

    High-Tech with ORIGINAL LEKI SPEED LOCK External Adjustment System World Patent.

    It is equipped with a rubber grip, a cordura cross tape for gun-support and a cross stabilizer.

    £110 delivered
    pm me if your interested
    Alternative the Bipod Shooting Stick ex cross tape - the gun is then supported by the rubber gun-support.Attachment 21203
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    4left at this price pm me if your interested

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    yes please gonner be a presy for a pal who had his stolen at bisly buy another shooter will pm you

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