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Thread: Poacher nicked

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    Poacher nicked

    From the BBC

    A 19-year-old man has been arrested in Glasgow following allegations of illegal deer hunting with dogs on a city golf course

    Full story at

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    bet all that happens is they keep the snares, they need pretty good evidence to proove the skulls came from poached deer and that he wasn't just walking his dogs on the course.

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    A bull lurcher and silica lurcher were not removed from property. They are new ones on me, ive only ever heard of bull cross lurchers and saluki crosses. BBC reporting at its best...


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    what a waste of time and money
    zero evidence

    yet another ineffectual case clogging up the court system

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    One of the areas were deer numbers are extremely high might be a good idea also to look at the golf coarse for not keeping the deer at a sustainable level.

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    Good idea, control the deer for them and the undesirables won't come mooching

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    Paul this area has been noted by SNH and the FC it is in a triangle of golf courses Wind hills and lies just south of drumchaple also close to the university grounds the deer numbers here are very very high and DVC,s get monitored for that reason. Looks like some one needs to do a job or there will be more reports of poaching injured deer cars getting rapped etc.

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    Illegal snares ! yeh right,, not when they are lying in his house they`re not !,, waste of time, waste of money.

    Quite a lot of young blokes running dogs through west,, most 19 yr olds would be to busy sniffing buckfast to be out working dogs.

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