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Thread: Cal Pappas 'British Bore Rifles' book

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    Cal Pappas 'British Bore Rifles' book

    Just a quick heads-up. Cal Pappas (author of 'The .600 Nitro Express) has a new book published on 'British Bore Rifles'. Cal lives in Alaska and is selling the book directly. I am going to order a copy for myself, but if anyone else is interested I could order more than one and share the shipping cost.
    The book is US$90 and postage for 1-2 books is $52 or 3-4 books $67 by priority mail.
    Apparently they are selling quickly and Cal expects the published copies to sell out, so let me know ASAP if you want a copy.

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    I will put an order in at the weekend, so please let me know by then if you would like a copy.

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