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Thread: Reloading component availability?

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    Reloading component availability?

    I was just wondering how easy/difficult it is to find powders,primers,bullets,etc in the UK ? Are there regional differences, ie more reliable distribution in Scotland vs England? I only ask because we often have to deal with the occassional drought on components ourselves, its largely driven by American market demands( we are a very small market ) And lastly do most of you use European components or American ones, or like us , use what ever is available?

    Thanks in advance, AB

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    personally I use Norma brass
    CCI primers
    VV powder
    Hornady bullets

    supply is tricky locally as there is no obvious city centre dealer

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    I guess I am lucky to be living 10 miles from Rugby, Norman Clark have never let me down.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Availability of components and powder can be very patchy at times Alberta Boy, as just like you we are considered to be a small market in comparison to the U.S. Itís hard to generalise but the market is mainly dominated by the American manufactures especially in respect of bullets and primers less so in respect of Powder. Brass has in the past been mainly American but in recent years more and more has been coming from Europe especially companies like Lapua as shooters are demanding better quality than previously supplied by the main U.S. producers.

    Personally I tend to opt for the European manufacturers if given a choice. Companies such as RWS, Norma, Lapua, Sellior & Bellot, Privi Partizan and Vhitavouri but there again I shoot a couple of rifles in European calibres which are better provided for by European companies. Most shooters probably go with what they are more familiar with and components that are better advertised by the two main importers/distributors that are mainly representing U.S. companies. Our main problem is restrictions on what can be posted or conveyed by normal carrier so mail order is very restrictive. It usually comes down to face to face transactions and nobody wants to travel great distances just to pick up a box of bullets. To get around this many of us will stock up once or twice a year ( within our limits) at game fairs or shooting shows. Unforuntely though it often comes down to take it or leave it because if dealers say they will order it for you often the shipment is delayed or never arrives.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Are there regulations regarding mailing components? I can see powder and primers( we only regulate black powder) but from what your saying there are restrictions on bullets and brass as well ? If so, what and how much are you allowed to ship ?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer AB

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    The only real restriction is on expanding bullets they can not be sent through the post and powder has to be sent by special licenced delivery.

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    We rely almost exclusively on US made bullets, i believe that 90% of all the handloads made up in the UK use US made bullets.
    Powder is usually a choice between Vit or US powders although Vectan are used a little.
    Primers are once again almost exclusively US sourced.
    Brass can be european or US depending on cartridge If whatever cartridge you choose to shoot is made by Lapua or Norma most serious handloaders will use it however if they do not make the case you use its US made brass ie, in my case 257 Roberts.


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    I don't have any actual figures to go on but my guess would be -
    Primers 80% of U.S. origin 20% of European origin or elsewhere.
    Bullets 90% of U.S. origin 10% from elsewhere.
    Powder is split about 50 -50.
    Brass is about 60% in favour of the U.S. the rest comes from all over the world but mainly Europe.

    Powder and primers have to be transported by approved carriers and there are strict controls on ownership and carriage of expanding bullets or as the authorities refer to them missiles. You can still buy as many non expanding bullets as you like and there is no control over their transportation. What exactly constitutes an expanding missile causes all sorts of heated debate amongst shooters on times. There are no controls over brass so you can buy as much as you like through the post.

    Like I said the percentages are my best guess based on the region I live in but are probably representative of a good part of the country. There could be some differances in other parts of the U.K.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hello all, I'm not trying to wind anyone up, but what possible reason do the police(or whoever regulates firearms and ammunition) give for the stricter regulation of expanding bullets.I'm sorry but that strikes me as silly,as in regulation for regulations sake.I apologize if some of my questions may be covering ground thats been covered before , but you guys live in a different world than me and I'd like to try and understand it better.

    Thanks for your patience AB

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    We don't understand it either!
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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