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Thread: Ghillie Jobs Advert

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    Ghillie Jobs Advert

    From our local paper, might suit a youngster starting out.

    Sorry about crap scan.

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    Job Add


    Is that the kind of going rate up there north of the big wall?

    I am not sure that I would be packing in my day job for 7k for 6 months hard work!

    Or would guess that be a 1st post kind of thing for a candidate fresh out of Ag collage?

    That being said if that is the going rate then I am paying my staff far too much!

    Regs Lee

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    If i'd seen that when l left Uni l'd jumped - sod the money - looking at that now - its not a lot is it!


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    Its not a lot of money is it, its barely minimum wage... Still, for a youngster, it beats flipping burgers or working in a bar/shop! I bet it'll be a great experience for the right candidates.


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    im afraid gentlemen thats the price off passion ! if i were in a different situation i would be off like a shot , no hesitation !

    good luck to who ever takes it !!!!

    cheers lee

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    Aye not great money, just as well there's nothing to spend it on over there

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    It will be minimum wage, but great experience.
    Anyone embarking in a career in deer management might as well get used to min. wage as it doesn't go much higher through out you career.

    If your in it for the money - forget it!

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    Sorry to burst anyone bubble but, when you look at the wages first your not suited to this type of work, just how much cash do you think a Gamekeeper, Stalker is paid per annual and what he gets for it .

    99% of Gamekeepers ,Stalkers and Gillies jobs are done for the love of it so the next time your out with a real Gamekeeper ,Stalker , not a well paid Ranger or a Qualifications company doing Aw work.

    Tip well it goes a long way .

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    just to echo previous posts, as a new start you are often more of a hinderance than a help, it can take a lifetime or two to learn a particular hill, and such a post should be viewed as an apprenticeship.
    learn everything you can from the people around and if its for you and you get the breaks you'll progress but you aint likely to get rich.
    You dont do this work for the money, if I got paid the min wage for every hour i'm out there i'd be doing very nicely thankyou.
    but I wouldn't want to do anything else.
    Anyway you cant sleep in more than one bed at a time , wear more than one pair of shoes at a time , eat more than 3 square meals a day(not sure about that one) money is over rated although some is handy!

    If your job is just , what you do to earn money in between holidays, your in the wrong job!

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