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Thread: .243 for under 800

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    .243 for under 800

    Hello all,

    Just about to buy a .243 but just not quite sure which one to get. I will be using it for Deer so intend to use the heavier types of bullets (100g).

    I understand that some rifling doesnt like the heavier type, does any one have any thoughts on this?

    I also would like to buy a bolt action with a magazine.

    I probably would look at buying one for no more than 800 and am willing to buy second hand.

    I do like the look of the Ruger but im not sure on the accuracy.

    Knowing me, i would also like to tune it up over time, ie trigger,stock etc.

    Not asking much!!

    Can anyone give some good advice?


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    buy a 2nd hand sako 75, great barrel, probably one of the best stocks out there, great trigger which you don't need to replace but can be fine tuned/stoned to a beautiful crisp break. you can also get a replacement mcmillan stock for it if you want, and it's a tremendous action if you want to do a semi-custom job later on. they also come with a detachable mag in steel and an integrated recoil lug...oh, and they look really good too so you'll be proud of it and want to show it off to the buddies with their plastic-fantastics.

    of course the rest of the world will now jump in and tell you to buy a tikka t3.

    whatever you do, don't listen to anyone one here, go and try some and find the one you like best and that fits you ;-) don't even listen to me,,,,even though I'm right.

    ps, they clover leaf norma 100g sp's factory ammo
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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    of course the rest of the world will now jump in and tell you to buy a tikka t3.

    whatever you do, don't listen to anyone one here, go and try some and find the one you like best and that fits you ;-)
    There's a reason, they're great... And they love 100gn

    Second part of that quote is spot on!

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    Having had both T3s and 75s

    i'd go for the 75

    The t3 is a good rifle but is cheaper for a reason. As said have a look and see what you prefer.

    I've always liked Rugers, I have a no. 1 and owned several b/ a in the past as well as 10/22s. I haven't seen a new Ruger for a while, so not sure what the new ones are like, triggers etc

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    ...or go for an underlever..

    ps. I really want one

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    Hi Anth,
    You have a PM - Bill

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    I bought a 50 Parker Hale that was fed 100gr exclusively at the end

    on paper it shouldnt have worked

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    If it were a choice between Sako 75 or a T3, take the 75. But since you want to custom it go buy a Remy, there is nothing you can't get for them


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    One thing is for sure and that is that if you buy either the Sako or Tikka, you will never be disappointed. I have both, (several actually) and out of the box they have all been bang on with factory ammo. To the point that I question why I ever bother reloading. Bite the bullet though (ha ha) and buy the larger mag if you get a Tikka. If you did go new, you might get the dealer to do a part ex on the larger mag for the original one supplied. They are stupid money but well worth having the rounds in the gun in my view.


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    LadsThanks for the good information.I like the idea of the Sako 75, sorry to disapoint the Tikka lovers.Just got to find one now!!Thanks again to all that commented.

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