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Thread: Winter feed for roe

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    Winter feed for roe

    I recently moved house and to my suprise one morning had 4 roe deer in my garden since then i've seen them on a couple of occasions and as the Norwegian winter is kicking in I would like to put out some feed to help them on and allow me to get some good photo's, any recommendations on what I could use, preferable something easy to get hold of (supermarket)? I've heard of carrots being used, any other suggestions?

    Here's a few pics


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    Molasses , never seen a ruminant able to resist it !

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    Looks like those apples are doing the job just fine. Cracking pictures.


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    Simple and very effective. 6 foot of 6 inch pipe with a "Y" junction.Plastic cap for top and bottom,fill with barley and away you go!

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    Get some Maize and soak it in concentrated apple juice for 24 hours.

    Let it dry then put it in a feed trough.

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    Nice pics mate. carrots sprouts apples.

    Molasses which you can get from any cattle feed merchant

    or horsey shops.

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    Thanks everyone, I'll go out tomorrow and stock up.

    Thanks for the pics 2434me, I might put in the effort and knock one of thee up.

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    I have heard that it's important that the carrots are chopped into roe bite sized pieces as over here I dont think that they manage to process whole frozen solid carrots.
    I think that a simple trough with a roof to keep the rain and snow out would probably be better than the drainpipe idea as regards the cold and the freezing problem. Talk to Bernt, I am sure that he has enough experience in this area. Nice to have deer in your area.
    Another tip I have heard was to have several feeding stations so that a dominant animal doesn't stop the others from feeding, presumably if you are swarming with roe :-).
    Snakkes Toby

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