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Thread: Testing Forum Runner App

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    Testing Forum Runner App

    This is a test thread from Forum Runner app on an iPad.

    Seems buggy and if you open the app in landscape mode first it becomes almost unusable! Don't rush out and purchase the app just yet!!

    Testing an attachment......
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    Test reply

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    Have you tried tapatalk? I remember using that on a different forum before.

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    Forum runner is bundled with vBulletin (owned by the same people) so, assuming they fix the bugs, it is a lot easier to maintain between software releases than applications by other vendors....

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    Fixed a bug with the classifieds forums....

    The app seems to work pretty good so long as you first open it in portrait mode on the iPad... If you load the app in landscape it doesn't work very well at all until you kill the app or restart the iPad then open in portrait mode.... After doing that the app seems to work fine....

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