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Thread: Anyone seen this before?

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    Anyone seen this before?

    Just cleaning a head off today and spotted these. Common?
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    Not uncommon apparently, I had a good buck with a single canine this summer although it's the first one I've personally seen. It'll be going for measuring soon.

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    I have not seen it that pronounced but have seen small canines.

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    They are very large Tony,normally they are a fraction of that size but i would still say they are uncommon.


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    fairly common so im imformed but useally not as big there abit like we have no need for them but evolution has not quite got rid of them yet !

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    Out of interest what breed of deer was it?


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    There was another thread on here about this a year or 2 back, I think I reckoned at the time about 1 in 100 deer I have shot had canines, I always check having had a German client get very excited when he shot a roe with them (20 odd years ago) I've only seen them in roe myself but I gather all species can carry them. I have never seen them as pronounced as those either.

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    these are on a sika stag
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    I've never seen them on sika but have only shot a couple of dozen of that species in my time. To correct my original post - looking at my book I did shoot a red hind off the hill on Mull with a top canine once.

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