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Thread: Who says there are deer?

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    Who says there are deer?

    who has the job of stating whether a piece of land has a head of deer? i understand the necessity for the land to be cleared for a centre fire but land doesnt change, so once cleared, its on record. (seemingly forever). All done by the FLO.

    But do they have the say so over whether deer are on the land? if so it poses more questions... like what makes them qualified to make that judgement? and what about land that has occasional visitors or areas that are adjacent to land that has had FAC issued (for deer) to stalkers/landowners. whilst certain areas will traditionally hold deer the numbers of deer are increasing as is the geographical spead of the 6 species (well some more than others) so surely the need for land to be assessed for deer has incresed.... so how does this happen?

    gonna sit back and stroke my beard and think!! so any ideas welcome...

    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Land does change, Ask swampy about the Lyndhurst by pass.... they could build a housing estate or a shopping complex right next to it.

    My FEO phoned the landowner to check what species were present.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    ADE SI is bang on land will change with development . WIth regards deer on ground if you look at the BDS map there is not one square of the island with out deer.

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    As far as I am aware there is no requirement to show there are Deer on any land,but why would you need permission to shoot Deer on land where there aren't any?


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    ok i appreciate that land could change... i probably hadnt thought that through properly. as for deer though i live in cheshire and you would struggle to find deer around me. the BDS map is a rather crude map and i doubt would be of help to someone who was trying to get deer on their ticket in an area such as mine. for example my pemission is in staffordshire and deer was granted but if i had tried to get deer on my ticket in cheshire i doubt i would have been sucessfull yet there is minutes between the two. but who (over and above the FLO) would make that call and based on what/who's say so. Is it just down to the opinion of the land owner? could be a bit of a loop hole to getting a deer ticket.

    am i just fishing for a definative answer that doesnt exist?

    ta muchos. ade
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    6pointer you must be reading the wrong BDS map there are no wild deer in central Chehire only farmed

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    S..t the roe i have seen in cheshire are farmed ones then
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    Tell me more

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    What about the reds in Macclesfield, Nutsford and Buxton?.... I've been told muntjac have been seen around Holmes Chapel and I've heard barks myself while out foxing.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    why would there be no roe deer in Cheshire?

    I have come across this before where someone has asked for fox and deer for a .243 and been told that there are no deer on their granted land. I would love to see how any FLO comes to this conclusion.

    I have seen deer inside the bonded warehouse of a port, wandering across school playing fields and airport runways!

    it would be tantamount to saying you can't have fox on your FAC because the FLO says "I have never seen one there"

    here is one for you.
    I currently have no sole rights to ground that has roe deer on it.
    I have been in a syndicate until April this year and otherwise shot roe by invitation on a few places
    I shoot red deer elsewhere

    I applied for a .222 for fox and deer, clearly the calibre only covers small species which technically I would have to be invited or pay to shoot.

    Now if the presence and authority for me to shoot roe deer on my own ground was a pre-requisite why did I get a grant for 1C fox and deer?

    it makes no odds in the long run as I do now have some roe shooting!

    system is broken though

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