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    Fella's 23 is a bit steep for me of one of these so has anyone got one cheaper they no longer need?

    I would also like a smaller one [if they do them] for doing my rabbits as well, anyone know if such a thing is made?.

    Cheers and thanks


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    buy a frost clipper 4.95 utility knife and cut the point of it , or get someone to put a bit of weld on the end and grind it to a blunt shape as required .

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    If nothing comes up i have something that may interest you, it`s not a tripe knife but i use mine for rabbits and deer. I`ll post a photo later.

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    Thanks Fella's

    Basil you got me salivating in anticipation.........

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    DSL Directory. F Dick tripe knife 15.70.

    01283 539087

    Postage to add 7 + VAT

    26 or there abouts

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    Check out the Mora Professional Knives, Foor Industry Catalogue, page 22 Fish Industry knives where they advertise six different gutting knives (why they are in the Fish section I have no idea!): Good quality steel, will last a lifetime and cheap as chips.
    Available from Tony Davis:


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    Yep, Tony's a top chap and will give you his experience and find something to suit you.


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    You had chance yet to sort out the piccy's ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rangefinder

    You had chance yet to sort out the piccy's ??
    Will put them up monday pm.

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    Yer tis.

    I`ve got one of these spare. It`s got a 5 inch blade. Made by F Dick.
    I use mine for rabbits and deer. Once you`ve got a decent edge on it it`s a dream to use.
    Rangefinder, it`s yours for the price of a couple quid towards TJs "Run in the sun"

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