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Thread: Boyds stocks

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    Boyds stocks

    Thinking of ordering a left hand thumbhole laminate stock for my right hand action parker hale. Anyone got any horror stories/advice about ordering one from them?

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    Ordered one for my Cz452 came in about a week but there was some duty to pay, 20ish i think. No problem at all and they sent a tracking number.

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    Stock and postage come to just under 100 so looks good to me

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    Great products, great service.................I got hit for duty and vat too .
    Still happy though.......vermin not .

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    If you decide to get it please upload a photo.


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    I fetched mine back in a suitcase but have talked to loads of guys who have them posted direct, a good compamy to deal with and keep you upto date with postage details etc.

    Regards Andrew

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    I have found them very good !! Bought 2 got stung on 1 for tax

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    It will make my right handed rifle a bit more lefty friendly

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