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Thread: Ducks and spiral feeders

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    Ducks and spiral feeders

    Anyone know if ducks would work away at a spiral feeder of it was over a pond?

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    You can get duck spirals. They are a bit softer than normal. There is a way of putting them in a pipe so they can be filled from the bank. Try searching sycon (I THINK)


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    hi alis, there is an adaptor that you can get that holds the conventional spiral in a J shape for feeding ducks with or you can use a large pan feeder,they were designed for ducks to feed from
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    A couple of years ago we had 50 released ducks get into a pheasant pen and empty all the feeders no one told them they needed special springs

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    Ducks are dilligent and work it out not sure wild stock would work it out though

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    Have spiral feeders at 3 of our ponds and they seem to work well, still tip out the odd drop in the shallows all the same.

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    Ducks will have a go at any type of feeder,loose feed in edge of pond is best though as it stops crows pigeons etc getting to it.

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    It's all wild ducks and feeding 3 ponds daily is becoming a bit to much of a chore as they are a considerable distance apart. One pond in particular which is 1 acre exactly (old mill pond) has three sides agains woodlands and has plenty of spots where a feeder could be suspended from over shallow water.

    I'll have a look for feeders intended for ducks otherwise I'll just try a bog standard one, sure giving the pond a 'good' feed once a week will keep the bird coming.


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