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Thread: painting aluminium

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    painting aluminium

    good evening.

    just after some advice to hopefully kill two birds with one stone. i have some sections of ladder that i want to use for high seat but want to paint them green to blend them in a bit. also my youngest has requested a "purple" greenhouse for christmas. i have the metal work for this also but am not sure which paints or primers i may need or would be best.

    any advice gratefully received


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    You'll need to etch prime them first, or every thting will just come off.

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    Etch primer seems to work quite well - they paint most of an aircraft structure with it! The stuff we used to use is probably not the right shade of green though, although once it's been primed I guess you can paint it with pretty much anything. Halfords do one but I'm sure there's many others around that are cheaper.

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    thank you i will look into etch primers. can anybody recommend a good make / brand. wil look at halfords.

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    My local motor factors carry a brand called MIPA i think it German made. Anyway I have used Mipa acid etch primer on motorcycle wheels and it worked and lasted well. Yes you can paint owver the top of it it is a primer, covers well. My advice is wear a mask as it is very nasty stuff

    Kind regards

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