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Thread: richard prior in shooting times

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    richard prior in shooting times

    did anyone read the response to the problem of guiding 2 stalkers at the same time thet richard prior put in this weeks shooting times?
    basically he took one with him and stuck another up a high seat. reading between the lines he gave a detailed description of a beast that was allowed to be shot and instuctions not to shoot any other buck. basically knowing that the client was unlikely to fire a shot.
    by all accounts richard prior is very well respected but if id paid for a stalk with him in the past and recognised the scenario described in shooting times i would feel a little miffed.


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    How can you say 'sounds like it didn't exist' without any local knowledge?

    If I was Mr Prior, I'd probably be taking legal advice at this moment!

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    I'm with Drew (Frax) on this. Inappropriate comment to make.
    I think you should edit or remove that post as it obviously leaves you open to action.
    Also I don't think it is appropriate to refer to one of the grandfathers of roestalking in that way.
    If he was operating a 'scam' I am quite sure that someone would have picked up on it many many years ago.

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    read the letter in shooting times and tell me how it is then. the hoof on a stick thing i was not suggesting was him by the way.

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    Perhaps it is the case that Mr Prior manages his poulation very well. With his credentials, I think he would be a fool to do otherwise. I would imagine that he has asked for a particular cull buck to be removed as he does not want it in that area due to having better animals on the ground. I am also thinking that he has probably decided what age class of animal has to be removed in order to keep the balance of his age structure.

    This is what some determine as deer management........

    I see he has replied above and I for one would think that a site like this would benefit from his input if he has time.



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    if someone wants to moderate it then its their site and they can do as they please. i know who richard prior is and have read and enjoyed his books and articles. i also have a couple of friends that went down to see him and have a gold muntie measured, they had nothing but plaudits for him and said he is a top bloke.
    if i have got the wrong end of the stick then all i would say is that the piece is written in a misleading way. i suspect i am not alone in reading it in this way which is a shame right or wrong.


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    I am most certainly not going to moderate this post, it is an open forum and each contributor is responsible for their own actions and subsequent repercussions. However I do think the writer should maybe adjust it. I am sure that you, pete, could get your point across without alluding to other "scams" and demands of refunds.

    I take it that you feel that the article left you with the impression that it would have been impossible to have culled the specified animal as it did not exist, as opposed to being a very detailed description of the required beast. By all means say that as it is your opinion, but please do not include in your statement reference to "other scams" as this implies that the article is referring to a known scam. This is in fact not the case at all, there is no evidence of this, in fact the name Richard Prior is synonymous with Roe stalking and I am sure anyone who knows anything about the sport would find the whole matter ridiculous.

    So come on pete edit the post, I'm sure that what you have written does not really reflect the point that you were trying to make.


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    on reflection i feel you make valid points. i have edited as such. appologies for the hoof on a stick thing and suggesting there wassome sort of scam involved.
    i do maintain however that the piece was open to this kind of interpretation. i have limited expieriance of payingfor stalking but would feel a little hard done by if a single specific buck was offered. i would expect to perhaps be told to only take imature animals or so forth.
    again i dont know the ins and outs of comercial stalking but i rarely go out with a single beast on my agenda.

    appologies to mr prior

    it would be nice if he became a regular poster

    pete evans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Prior
    Further comment by Mr Prior would, I'm sure, be much appreciated by all members of the SD.

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