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Thread: Stag in Velvet

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    Stag in Velvet

    Taking advantage of the good grazing in the village. It's a cropped photo so it's a bit fuzzy.

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    That Stag is showing considerable promise and will probably be more than a 10 pointer.


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    Yes, he was a good stag last year, I've got another pic of him somewhere in full sail, I'll dig it out.

    My friends weren't keen on him when he pulled out all their newly planted shrubs though!

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    Yep, looks like a topper, he's well on. Was he on the west coast?

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    Yep, he's on Skye.

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    Hi Drew, thats a great photo. How old do you think he is.

    I think this chap is around eight years old although I am not sure.


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    That is one cool photo...looks like one of the paintings by...bugger, his name escapes me, anyway, he does some excellent cows.

    He must be at least 8 too, he's certainly over six as he's been here as long as I have!

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    just ask the farmer, he will be able to tell you by his ear tag.

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    Hi jingzy thanks for that. He is mine actually but I had no idea it would have those details on the tag. I have had him for a year now and as you can see he is quite tame ( but not tame enough to let me look at the tag). Well he is when there is feed to be had. I have learned a great deal about their behaviour since getting them and spend as much time as I can with them.

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