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Thread: Shortening Rifle barrel

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    Shortening Rifle barrel

    Hi was wondering if anyone has experience of shortening their rifle? Looking to take some length off my .243 the barrel length is 22" at moment and want to take 4" off to help with balance of Mod on the end. I know i will lose about 30 Fps muzzel velocity per inch off but wondering if anyone else knows of any pro's or cons for shortening.

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    I have shortened many rifle barrels. My current 30-06 hunting rifle was shortened from 23.5 to 20 inches because previous owner decided to plug the muzzle with some dirt and pull the trigger. I have a .222 that was obtained in the same condition and was shortened to remove the walnut in the barrel.

    Both are very accurate rifles.

    The speed you lose will be determined by the kind of load you are using. If you favor a slower burning powder you may find that the 30 ft/sec/inch loss may be optimistic.

    One facet of barrel shortening I look at when it is a matter of convenience and not necessity, is the "Fixin' what ain't broke" factor. If I have a very accurate rifle I am extremely hesititant to alter it in any way... even when I am doing the work and in total control of the process. ~Muir

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    thanks for that I am reloading so can try faster powders etc and bullet combos. Mainly after something a bit more balanced when the mod is on the end. Any recomendations regarding a faster powder up to the job?

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    Reloader 19 have only just started reloading so still learning alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordy
    Reloader 19 have only just started reloading so still learning alot.
    Do you own a chronograph? That would be very informative at this juncture...

    Off hand, I'd say you might try VihtaV n-550. It is faster burning then RL-19 and sems to have applications across the spectrum of deer-weight bullets.~Muir

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    will be on the range in a week with a chrono so that will give me my benchmark. will let you know what it's doing

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