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Thread: Tikka T3 Synthetic stock

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    Tikka T3 Synthetic stock

    I'm currently shooting a Tikka T3 Hunter in 25-06.

    Does anyone have a synthetic stock lying around that they are willing to sell or swap for the wooden hunter stock?



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    what are you doing with the wooden one?

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    Nothing at all mate, just want a synthetic due to living and stalking in pissing wet South west Scotland.

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    Does it rain up there then?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Does it rain up there then?

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    Never rains in the Summer, but we get the odd wee shower every now and again during the Winter months

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    I was in at Tackle and Guns in Glasgow the other day and they had a synthetic thumbhole for Tikka t3 Long action. might be worth giving him a call. details for the place best of luck. Tam

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    just swapped mine over to a synthetic stock a lot better for the bad weather we get up here, the as new condition walnut i took off mine is for sale at 100 ono at calton moor range, give mike a ring or pm if anyone interested

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