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Thread: Unlocking a iphone 4

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    Unlocking a iphone 4

    Anyone know of a good site to use to unlock my iphone4?

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    yes you ring your network and say
    "please unlock the phone"

    they deal with it at a network level via Apple

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    just got my mates iphone 4 when he got the iphone 5 he just rang his network told them he needed unlocked and they did it there and then on phone for free it was a doodle.
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    seriously, dont waste your time with "crackers" and free sites

    "jail broken" phones done without Apple or Network consent have limitations

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    a i right in thinking that once you update software on a "ceacked phone" youll need iit re uncracking and if you go the applepie route it should be ok after an update
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    but you also have limited access to iTunes, Safari and anything else that Apple may be monitoring your usage of

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    unlocking iPhone

    Quote Originally Posted by jayy2 View Post
    Anyone know of a good site to use to unlock my iphone4?

    You have not specified the country and network to which your phone is locked.Only few network providers provide the unlock service.Mine did not allow me to unlock so I got my phone unlocked through a third party unlock service provider.You can unlock your iPhone 4 using the remote unlocking service from and use the phone with other GSM networks.They also guide you through the unlocking process by giving free instructions.

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    I can sell you an unlocked I phone that was jail broke, that was just before i updated software and they locked my phone dead. Being used as a paper weight now...

    Like above, call your provider and they will unlock for you, that ways its all done correct and as Spud says when you upgrade software or connect to I tunes it wont lock your phone.


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    Your lucky normally a 50 charge for i phones. There is a very good on line service but its not free.


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    if you're with 3 it only costs 15

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