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Thread: Altberg Keeper Boots

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    Altberg Keeper Boots


    I received the attached on the email today and thought it might be of interest to some on here.

    I bought a pair of Aldbergs following some advice from a member on here who wore them in the forces. They've been brilliant and I will get another pair when mine eventually let go.



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    Hi Dovebob,

    I believe they refurbish them back to near new when they are past their best,


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    Their factory is not to far from me they do seem to offer good service boots made to fit and also re sole old boots i may try them next time i need a pair

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    i cant fault mine either, so comfortable to wear and they didnt need any bedding in at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willie View Post
    Hi Dovebob,

    I believe they refurbish them back to near new when they are past their best,

    That they do. I have a very old set that have been back twice and are like slipping on your favourite slippers.

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    I have a pair of the Peacekeeper P1 boots. I have used them every shift at work for three or four years now.

    Really comfy, not sweaty, used them in all weather conditions, jumped fences, run and they are still in great shape.

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    Gamekeepers are the mutts nuts. Best pair of boots ive ever had, great customer service to boot!

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    I have a pair of the gamekeeper boots which am breaking in, so can't comment too much about the quality, but seem fine so far. They seem less rigid than my Dovre's, with a much more supple, thinner tongue, I'm not sure how it will stand up to abuse on the hill, they do feel very different. Be aware though, I think Altberg may have stopped doing the refurb service.

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