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Thread: Morning Mist

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    Lovely photograph. England's such a beautiful land in many ways.
    I bet you never thought you'd hear a Jock say that!

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    And why wouldn't a Jock say that it's the landscape were looking at ,get yourself into Somerset, Devon ,Cornwell theres plenty more where this came from .

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    I will, I will. For many years my only experience of English countryside was running up and down hills at Brecon in the wind and rain and digging holes in the ground near Thetford!

    It is a bonny place in many ways. Must get down to Cornwall sometime..never been there yet.

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    It makes you feel "good to be alive" when you witness something like that.

    A great shot Johnathon.


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    yip must admit im a great admirer of the sunrise/sunset benefits that stalking often presents and i take the opportunity to capture it whenever i can only thing is i dont know how to upload the photos so if anyone is willing to help i would be grateful . benhar

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    Hi benhar
    Try this.How to upload photos
    Perhaps the easiest way to display your photos on this Forum is to open an account with Photobucket. Here’s your step by step guide.

    1. Save your photos on your computer
    2. Log onto
    3. Click ‘Join Now’
    4. Go through process of joining, it’s all FREE. You’ll have to remember your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
    5. When you’re logged on your can upload pictures to your Photobucket album by pressing ‘Browse’ and finding the picture from your computer.
    6. Then click ‘Upload’.
    7. When the photo you want to enter into the competition is uploaded to Photobucket it will appear in your album, left click with your mouse on the IMG Code underneath the photo. The code should go blue. Right click the mouse and copy this code.
    8. Return to The Stalking Directory competition pages, paste this code onto the page and give us a few words telling us more about your photo.
    9. Job done!
    It worked for me thanks to the computer educated on this forum

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