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Thread: Young lad 15 looking for binos

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    Young lad 15 looking for binos

    I am taking a young lad out with me he is keen to learn as much as possible about stalking so far I have been loaning him a pair of my binos.
    He has saved up and tells me he wants his own, somehow he has got about 400 together.

    Any suggestions as to what he should get or is anyone upgrading and has a good pair.

    He is a real pleasure to take out and has said he is not ready to shoot a deer yet as he has not learned enough ,how to gralloch etc he is a good shot and yet when offered chance of a nice cull buck refused saying next year will do. He is always waiting outside when I go to pick him up at silly o'clock in the morning.

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    I use minox binoculars and really like them (great for the money).
    Have noticed Sportsman Gun Centre are doing a 50% deal on them at the moment. Down from 299 to 150 ish!

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    Another vote from me for Minox - I think they are in a pretty good place on the price/performance graph getting in there just before you start paying a fortune for very little improvement.

    I bought my 8.5X43 Minox HGs from the USA for 400 including tax/duty and delivery. I bought from Cameraland New York who often have ex-demo and sample binos on offer. They have nothing suitable in the Minox line at the minute but I noticed they had these Zeiss for example, though have no idea if this would be a saving over the UK price by the time you paid the tax and so on:

    The other option is to go second hand and I think Macleods of Tain get a good name as a starting point. I think buying good glass second hand is often a smart move as over time it rarely loses a lot of money so total cost of ownership is low, it might be worth looking for some HG Minox second hand.
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    please keep answers coming I will be taking him to look at some in a couple of weeks.

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    Keep borrowing binocs until he has another 200, then I am sure someone upgrading will sel him a secondhand pair of Swarovski or similar.
    i have used second class binos all my life, just upgraded two years ago and regretted all the time that I thought top quality binos were a luxury.
    Even if you choose not to do this, quality second hand binos are a real bargain no need to buy new.
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    Twice I have posted this link tonight. Hawke do some decent binos, which for woodland I find more than adequate
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    Minox & Hawke good optics for less than 200 get him to save his money for a couple of years for a rifle and a decent scope!!

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    vortex make some good ones that wont break the bank and they have life time warranty

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    good for you teaching a young lad and good on him for wanting to learn the right way . i use hawk frotier ed , imo as good as some that have alot bigger price tag
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    I have Bushnell H2O 8x42 very happy with them I think they are now about 140.

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