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Thread: Training with your rifle - How and how often?

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    Training with your rifle - How and how often?

    I'm curious about how and how often you train with your rifles. My local hunting club, is more into shotguns, and only offers an annual or perhaps twice yearly 100m zeroing day for rifle shooters. Obviously this isn't enough to ensure a continued level of proficiency with a rifle, so some training is necessary, though I probably don't do it often enough.

    I haven't got a permission of my own yet, so I'm forced to zero and train at the range. At my local range, the facilities are pretty good (covered stands, electronic marking etc.), but I can only shoot at 100, 200, or 300 metres.

    I've just found another range a bit further away where I can vary the distance, and can even rent a high seat to train on. I'm off there tomorrow and am really looking forward to it.

    What kind of range facilities do you have access to in your area, and how often do you train?


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    Every week to some extent or other. I shoot at 200mm plates at 200, 300 and 375 meters, from a bipod and also standing shooting off sticks. Probably shoot around a 1,000 rounds per year.

    It helps to live and work in the country.

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    Shoot targets with a rimfire every week, 50 rounds each time gives you confidence

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    I am out foxing at least 3 nights a week so I guess quite a lot.

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    I shoot my rifle once or twice a week and zero it if ever my shot feels as if its not exactly were i wanted it.

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    I shoot my .444 every week and put 10-30 rounds through it at the range .I shoot full power loads for practice about once-twice a month .

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    I shoot .22 rifle almost daily. I shoot handgun once or twice a week. I shoot hi powered rifle when the mood suits me. Our club range is 150M but I have access to two private ranges of 600M and 1.4 miles length.

    Many rounds of 22LR will keep you in trim for anything else.~Muir

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    am not doing much work at the mo so am out every other day shoot one day then reload the next and so on. my uncle has a big hill farm so i can get some good range's sadly no deer on it

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    I have been shooting 1 or 2 muntys a week through the summer months but now its tailing off a bit. Would be nice to get some range time with my new 6.5x55 regards tony

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    im such a great shot i dont need to practice,

    i never change ammo/ load specification so the rifles never need zeroing, but i do check them once and a while.

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