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Thread: Midland 2100 Length of Pull - Recoil Pad recommendations?

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    Midland 2100 Length of Pull - Recoil Pad recommendations?

    Hi troops,
    Does anyone here own an unaltered Midland 2100 and would be willing to measure the length of pull for me. Mine is a bit on the short side at 12 7/8", and I was wondering if it had been cut down at some point.

    This is about an inch too short for me as far as I can work out, so I'm thinking about fitting a recoil pad. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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    has it been screw cut?

    If not they have a 43" overall length from new.

    Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values - Phillip Peterson - Google Books

    actually even if it has you could work it out from the original 22" barrel

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    I don't know if there was a difference between US and European models as mine measures 43 5/8".

    Unless of course I've misidentified my rifle, and it's another model of Midland....?
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    possible yours has had a pad replaced?

    they seem to be listed as that from factory

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    No, mine has a chequered plastic butt plate with a bullseye design on it. I think this is original to the rifle.

    I measured the barrel and it is 23 1/2" (muzzle to bolt face).

    Maybe it's not a 2100?

    My SD card reader is having an off day, or I would upload a photo.

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    Yours has been chopped. Standard LOP of pull for a 2100 is 13 1/2" Drop at comb 1.8" drop at heel 2.3". These figures were taken from the P-H #83 catalogue.

    Mine has had a rubber pachmeyer pad fitted at some point in the past. I suggest you have something like it fitted to restore the length.

    The Midland 2100 uses this bolt type which is based on the American 1903 Springfield design.

    Parker-Hale used length of pulls of 13 /2", 14" and 14 1/2" on their rifles depending on model.

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    Thanks for the help BritHunter. Do you know if there were other barrel lengths offered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post

    ooo you dont fancy selling those bases do you!?

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