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Thread: Help Need With Muntjac.

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    Help Need With Muntjac.

    I put a post the other day about some land I've been offered. I may have muntjac on.
    Well ive been and looked round and found a few very small slots that would fit in a ten pence piece and very narrow. I have concluded that they must be muntjac. With all the foliage on the ground from the trees it is very difficult to determine numbers ect ect.

    Now I've had the offer of the use of night vision which is great and a trail cam. But the night vision is not mine and would only have the use on 1 or 2 nights and trail cam has to be in the right place.

    So my questions are if we were to go out with NV what's the best weather for muntjac to be out or does it make no difference.
    Also how easy is it to call them providing that there on the ground.

    I have had extensive experience with red and roe but not muntjac bit of a novice.
    Thank you to any one who can help along with any tips for tracking the little suckers.

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    Are there any rides. If there are have a walk around a few times you're bound to disturb them and you will hear the barking which will confirm their presence. Trail cam near the places you have seen the slots will get you the pics. They tend to follow the same path when moving around. Light rain doesn't bother them. Make for interesting stalking. They will cross rides but don't hang around. More often than not they clock you before you see them.

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    Yes there are rides 6/8 mt wide but there are tracks through the long grass either side of the rides. Foxes badgers ect are there. As it is mostly all good grass with young trees the tracks are very hard to find. I feel it will have to be high seats and will power

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    If you ever need an extra pair of eyes mate im happy to come and have a mooch around with you and try find the devilish creatures. Wouldnt expect anything in return. Phil

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    Get yourself a buttolo and go out on a nice still day, get your back to a tree with the wind in your face on one of your rides and try calling them. Start with the fawn bleet, one bleet every 8-12 seconds for say 5 or 6 bleets then silence for a minute then repeat, you can continue this for say half an hour then move on to a slightly louder soft distress bleat for say 10 mins. If nothing else I would expect if there were munties in the wood you should get barked at.

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    From my experience Buttalos can be hit & miss, certainly wouldn't condemn the land muntjacless if you saw or heard nothing post calling.

    As for NV, again, day or night the little critters spend much of their time in dense undergrowth, check out my recent video for a case in point. I wouldn't condemn the land if I saw nothing through NV.

    Sounds to me like you have evidence, the slots sound like munty by your description so...

    I reckon your best bet is with the trail cam. Got any pheasant feeders? Set it up overlooking one. Otherwise look for a well trodden path. You can normally see tthem meandering through the woods. Leave a week or two and you should have your answer.


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